ADTECH results shared with the international research community during the final conference

A good product or the commercial success is guaranteed through the transfer of knowledge between new materials, processes and knowledge. For that it is required the presence of a highly trained staff. Training and follow-up training are ongoing activities due to the continuously increasing speed of technological development. The term “Lifelong Learning” highlights the fact that the development of professional skills is a continuous process of utmost importance to companies.

Representatives of the international research community gathered together during July 5th and 6th at the final conference of ADTECH project. The event was hosted by FEUP, University of Porto, Portugal in the framework of MDA 2018 (The International Conference on Materials Design and Applications).
For two days, international experts in materials design and applications, including adhesive bonding technology, representatives of higher education institutions and trainees in engineering took advantage of the favourable time to address questions directly to the ADTECH partners on adhesive bonding technology training.

In the first day, the focus of the conference presentation went for the European harmonised training system in adhesive bonding technology and for the importance of guaranteeing a high-quality training service to meet the industrial standards. The presentation was well-received by the participants who pointed out the added-value of having technical training guidelines to assure quality in adhesive bonding courses.

The conference included an InfoPoint, where participants could gather information about the project and have access to the training toolbox and overall dissemination materials (AdTech flyers, AdTech newsletters with the project progression and AdTech Booklet), as well to clear their doubts with partner of the project (FEUP and EWF). The participants have highly appreciatied the AdTech booklet, a brochure dedicated to VET systems, which contains recommendations for using the European Adhesive Bonding Qualifications.

Guaranteeing a high-quality training service to meet the industrial standards in adhesive bonding technology was one of the ADTECH main objectives.
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