European Transfer Workshop for VET trainers involved in Adhesive Technology

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During April 9th until April 13th, EWF hosted a European transfer workshop dedicated to vocational education trainers which are actively engaged in the area of adhesive bonding technology.

The workshop was organised in the framework of AdTech Project with the objective to share best practice among participants and to validate training materials developed in the context of the project which will be applied in each country in the future.

AdTech project partners’ staff involved in training activities as well as in the development and implementation of Adhesive courses from Spain (CESOL), Portugal (EWF, ISQ), Germany (IFAM Fraunhofer), Austria (SZA) and Slovenia (IZV).

For five days participants shared knowledge and best practices regarding the development and implementation of Adhesive bonding courses.

The event included a broad spectrum of activities and subjects, ranging from the analyses of adhesives technology application case studies, discussions on supervision and production control procedures, testing of joint design software, to the validation of training and assessment tools and laboratories visit.

Here you can see more pictures from the workshop: CLICK HERE